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In this chapter we will learn how to use the MT2IQ connector to connect any arrow indicator. If you are interested to send signals by your own from the MQL code you should read the chapter that describes how to use the library. Just to demonstrate how to connect such indicator we take the indicator BinaryProfit. Green arrow indicates the Up Call trade and the red arrow indicates the Down Sell trade. Therefore we attach the indicator to the chart and look into the indicator settings Colors tab.

Every indicator is individual. So you will need to figure out which buffers correspond to which signals. You can play around with the colors and compare with the signal colors on the chart.

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In the BinaryProfit indicator the first two buffers 0, 1 are linked the dot signals, and the next two 3 and 4 are linked to the arrow signals. The dots are just for preparation, they indicate a possible signal on a new bar, but they can disappear if the signal conditions are not fulfilled. If a dot remains until the end of the bar, it will not disappear any more and on the new bar the arrow will appear directly at the beginning.

The trade should be placed on the opening of the arrow-bar. So if your indicator outputs signals for trades on a new next bar, these kind of signals are so called "OnNewBar" signals, like the dots in the BinaryProfit indicator. But if your indicator outputs signals for trades on the current bat, these kind of signals are so called "IntraBar" signals, like arrows in the BinaryProfit indicator.

Step 2 The next step is to set up the connector. Restart the terminal or refresh the indicator list. Attach the connector to the chart and have a look on the Inputs configuration. Auto Signals: Since we want to connect the indicator for automated signals we should activate auto signal by switching Auto Signal parameter to 'ON'. Indicator Name: Here we enter the name of the arrow indicator we want to connect. Every indicator has individual buffers, so you have to check it for your indicator before setting up the auto signal.

Down "Put" Arrow Buffer: see above.

MT2IQ - Phần mềm tự giao dịch quyền chọn IQ Option

OnNewBar is a signal that indicates to take a trade on the next bar candle after the signal arrow. IntraBar is a signal that indicates to take trade immidiatelly on the current bar candle when the signal arrow appears. Martingale Type: OnNextSignal means that after a loss trade the martingale will be applied only on the next signal of the same currency pair.

Martingale Steps: Defines the lenth of the martingale series after the loss trade. Martingale Coefficient: Defines the multiplicator for the calculation of the trade amount. The new trade amount after the loss is calculated by multiplication of the previous trade amount by the martingale coefficient.Published on January 3rd, by John Kane.

The purpose of the MT2IQ software is very simple. The creators want to provide traders with a tool that will allow them to automate the trading process by connecting MT4 with the IQ Option, binary options brokerage.

The system is built to support MT4 indicators and expert advisors, so that when you receive signals, they can be automatically placed with the binary options brokerage. The tool is built to work with all currency pairs and expirations, while continuing to provide fast execution of trades. The main sales page comes with an instructional video that is 6 minutes long, and shows the process from beginning to end.

The software will then read when an arrow is placed on the chart, and it will automatically send this trade to the IQOption brokerage. One thing I do appreciate about this tool, is the fact that you can download the software for free to utilize on a demo account. This is a great way of making sure that the software suits your needs, before you purchase the full version.

After setting up MetaTrader 4 to automate binary optionstraders will have to put the MT2IQ connector software on their charts, along with the indicator that provides signals. Then, in the connector tool, traders are required to set their expiration time, trade amount and set auto trading to on.


Traders also have the choice of whether or not they want to enable the martingale feature, which will automatically attempt to recover funds after losses.

I am not martingale subscriber, so I do not recommend setting this aspect of the system to true. John Kane I am a full time binary options trader. I was able to leave my job in the last 5 years and dedicate myself to trading fully. I never thought my hobby and passion would make a living for me but I am grateful every day that it has. My main goal now is to communicate with the binary trading community, contribute to different websites and learn from other traders.

Does anyone run forward test MT2IQ version Looking forward if anyone can share their setting of both indicator. I have them both installed but no trades. I have left the buffers at 0 and 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

mt2iq price

The new version is failaure. I start trade usd now I have 35 usd in my account my wat up It is. Most of the trades are lossing.There are even demonstration videos. All of these indicators do NOT repaint. The 60 second binary options trade signals are displayed as arrows above and below the candle right before the trade should be placed.

Our signals are always live and real-time. This is by far one of the most accurate binary options trading signals software systems on the market!

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If you stop before the win it will be very hard to recover the draw down. Thus martingale is an all or nothing method. The Small Ranging Sm Ranging is for times when the market is more flat.

Use with caution and choose a higher profile at the first sign of volume increase. For all profiles if you reach a 2nd entry loss you may want to switch to a higher profile. Select the one with the pairs which work for your broker and Unzip after download. Optional Profile Alerts: The Medium profile all the time also works well but you need to be more vigilant against breakouts. See attached Profile Alerts ics file for your Thunderbird email client free calendar alerts.

Be sure to adjust it as necessary to match your time zone. See the attached diagrams as well as the MT4 System page training guide. Install Video Part 1 and 2 :. These entries should also be entered according to the training below.

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See attached suggested settings and use XXL profile for best results. You can also martingale on signals vs. Please login to comment. Report Content. To report this post you need to login first.

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Lost your password? Share this article. PhD,Hamdi Boukamcha We are a team of highly experienced Forex Traders [] located in Tunisia whose only purpose in life is to live according to our own design and desire.

For that, self-education and experience in Forex market was the only choice for all of us in order to achieve a self-sustainable.Note: I am not the provider of this software. I was merely a user and found it useful for automatic trading with my signals.

In case of queries and issues I recommend you to connect with the developer of the software through their website. I found it impressive and worthy of working on it.

But while I had a conversation with the support team members of the Iqoption they replied in denial for the use of any bot or software. I had raised a concern regarding it here in one of my previous blogs where I had proven then Iqoption support says it is not allowed to use a third party software on there platform.

After having a long conversation with the Iqoption team, I got a real proof that MT2IQ is allowed to use at your own risk. I got a sigh of relief when I got a written proof in the form chat. The same chat can be used as a proof if the company denies anything.

But I am confirmed that this will never happen. Let have a look at my chat with the Iqoption support team member, who finally had shown co-operation with me:. That's all I had finally received from the Iqoption and I had conveyed this to the developer, plus this is notification to all from my side that we traders can use MT2IQ for Binary trading on IQOption at our own risk. He is a sigh of relief to me.


They have no information of what they are speaking about. They are puppets who don't know what their puppeteers says or do. They just try to remain out of the scenario most often. Not talking about Veronika. She helped me a lot. Thanks Veronika. Last but not least, I would like to thank the developer of MT2IQ and also once again apologize for creating a trouble without checking out my doubts with him and the platform.

I wanna tell you that you have to confirm that from the author of the connector. He will certainly help you as he did to me. The blog I wrote is having a wast discussing and allegations behind it. Hence, to confirm that it is allowed I have written this blog. This is to prove that MT2IQ is not guilty of anything. Hello KriptopinoyI know what it feels like losing money in the trading. But for your information, I do not explain any expert advisor here. It can be anything.

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So, I might not be able to help you in this. If you have any queries, do let me know. I did not experienced it yet. But this same query you can ask to MT2Trading developer. He is the right person to answer this. Thanks for answer. I asked him same question too.Now, we will configure the bot and the connector for automated trading.

If the Login is correct, you should see your accounts listed in the dropbox list and the balance of the selected active account. The bot is now ready! Select the account Real, Practice or Tournement account where the trades should to be placed. The configuration of the MT2IQ bot is done! In the next step we will configure the bot connector. Click in the File menu on "Open Data Folder". Set the inputs parameters of the indicator as following:. If you have purchased or rented the indicator from the MQL market, so the indicator is saved in the Market folder.

If you use your own indicator, so you should simply type the indicator name. You can also move the indicator from the Market folder to the main indicators folder. For the indicator BinarySniper the number for Up-signal buffer is 0 for a dot-signal and 2 for an arrow-signal. For the indicator BinarySniper the number for Down-signal buffer is 1 for the dot-signal and 3 for the arrow. Since BinarySniper indicator like many others is signaling on the previous bar dot.

If the dot remains until the end of the bar then the arrow will appear on the new bar.

mt2iq price

So we can select this option and point the buffer to the previous bar dot signal of BinarySniper and not to the current bar arrow signal of BinarySniper. We also can select here "IntraBar" as a signal-type, but then we should point the Up "Call" buffer to the buffer number 2 Up-arrow signal and the Down "Put" buffer to the number 3 Down-arrow signal of BinarySniper. Be careful as each indicator has individual buffer numbers! In each case, you need to make sure which buffer is correct. In the trading settings we should specify the trade amount and the expiration time.

The trade amount is the size of each trade in the currency of your broker's account. The expiration time is the time in minutes. If you want to send signals also manually you can enable the manual trading. You will be able to send signal by pressing the buttons for Up and Down on your chart. You have configured the bot connector.Moderators: mntiwanamrtoolsxard Logout Register Trading Systems.

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How To Connect MT2iq Auto Trading To Iq Option

Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending. Re: Good arrow indicator for mt2iq. Here on this site are a lot of good indicators with arrows, not repainting and big potentials.

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Welcome to Forex-Station. Indicator is just a tool. Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally. Latest posts. CrowdFunding for a good arrow indicator 35 Replies Views.

Last post by shaileshm Wed Jul 03, am. Arrow Indicator 7 Replies Views. Last post by Jimmy Fri Mar 08, am. Re: Convert MT4 indicators to…. Hello Dear mrtools You shared T3 Fozzy indicator in a thread couple of days agoMay I ask you to convert the attache. HSun Apr 12, am. JimmySun Apr 12, am. Implant, It looks like a Donchian Channel Indicator could serve the purpose. It takes the highest high and lowest lo.

mt2iq price

Re: MT4 Indicator requests an…. Can anyone tell me to what indi are these comments refrering to? I cant see any link,nothing, thanks guys, I am n.How to select last four candles with Highest price or Volume?

Calculating only buy candles vs sell candles 2 replies. Better volume low volume bar alert 3 replies. Similar Threads How to select last four candles with Highest price or Volume? Attachments: Low Volume Candles. Exit Attachments. Low Volume Candles. Joined Sep Status: No guts, no glory 3, Posts.

However, I am opening this thread as a discussion area for a system idea provided by my old buddy hukamin order to reach a completely tradeable system auto, manual or both. I am opening this thread under "Trading Discussion" forums as the idea is still in the analysis phase. The system life cycle will go into 4 main phases: 1- Analysis Phase. I am posting here a draft of his idea as received: Quote.

No guts, no glory. Jun 6, am Jun 6, am. Wish you all the best with your thread. Joined Oct Status: Sun is shining Posts. Hope you understand that volume analysis can be applied to futures 6e, 6b and it is not applicable to FX, cause you do not have comparable volumes in FX.

Quoting zenseven. Edited at am Jun 6, am Edited at am. Attached Image. I also assume that if we have multiple Valid LVC candles in the history range, we choose the one with the Lowest volume as the Target Candle.

My question to humkam now, What is the Entry Criteria? I will wait for hukam or other members familiar with the subject to clarify these issues before going on. Edited at pm Jun 6, pm Edited at pm. Joined Mar Status: Member 1, Posts. Attached Image click to enlarge. Jun 6, pm Jun 6, pm. Winston Reed. Joined Mar Status: Member 4, Posts. Quoting abokwaik. Quoting Winston Reed.

Joined Apr Status: Member Posts. Ok, tick volume works. I use futures, I could use tick volume if I wanted to my advantage as well. Do you need me to compile about 1, examples of tick volume working? I know a good amount of profitable traders using tick volume and volume in general as their method of trading. I do prefer futures data as well, but have just recently started using tick volume in addition again, with good result. I used to have an interbank tick volume feed that maybe worked a bit better than standard mt4 broker feed, but it was barely noticeable.


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